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Relaxation. Healing. Strength.

Brittany grew up in a family who valued personal wellness and health. Britt started her own journey into personal health and wellness in 2017 when she obtained her certificate of completion from ISSA as a personal trainer. After a few years of working, she decided to expand her education to fulfill a career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2019, she was accepted into the Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana where she successfully completed the 750 hour course, while working full time as a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Technician. Britt’s accumulative knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as tissue repair grew into the foundation and passion for her work with her community. Since graduating from massage school in 2020, she has also completed the certification requirements for yoga instruction. As of September of 2020, Brittany is proud to be the owner of Lone Pine Massage Therapy and Movement, and to serve her community as a resource for individuals' personal wellness goals!

Brittany has a unique approach to her client sessions, with physical change in the muscle and connective tissue as the main focus. She excels in pinpointing the exact root of pain or discomfort in the body by palpating and listening to her clients' explanations of concern. While she is knowledgeable in many massage techniques, her work in fitness and physical therapy gives her an advantage to work with many different clients to achieve their personal health goals .

Brittany Arvish

Licensed Massage Therapist 

 Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Vinyasa flow Yoga instructor

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